fredag den 19. oktober 2012

Off road - driving into the heart of Danish darkness.

Travelling towards LEGOLAND in Billund, Denmark made the GPS act absolutely crazy and go extremely off road. Just look at the picture.

The owls are not what they seem. They´re NOT even real.
Being there means ours of standing in line in the Danish rain. Roller-coaster or roundabout – everything was wet. Wearing a rain suit made me feel both warm and silly. Looking at the rest of the crowd had me laugh for hours. Oh … the thing we do for our kids. Isn´t it all wonderful? After a couple of hours I started having a blast screaming very dramatic and loud at the Lego-animals pretending them to be real and attacking me which made my three year old daughter laugh again and again.  

Why good people do bad things!
Toyota Traffic School had a very large sign. I read the sign saying kids are not allowed under the age of seven. I also read it as follows. If you say that you´re seven they will let you in. So I told my oldest daughter.
She was the worst driver ever. Trying to overtake, going the wrong way into a car wash and forgetting to sign off when turning. However a nine year old girl was talking on her cellphone while driving and both got their driver’s license. Sometimes you turn seven two months early or you and your mother forget how old you are. Good people do bad things. It´s true.

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