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Denmark, is a part of Europe!

Most Danes speak English (hoping to get away from the country?) far better than me; I know you Danes will read past this line. Just because I know you are still wondering why on earth I am writing this in English I will tell you why (Janteloven in mind. Thanks Aksel Sandemose, you made my day.) The reason why I´m writing this blog is in English is that I found that those living across the pond or in other English speaking countries are actually reading my blog. Thanks!
Denmark is a part of Europe! Surprise? No shit, Sherlock! We all new that. Unless you are one of those who think that Denmark is the capital of IKEA.We are not. It´s very confusing, I know. I will unfold why in the following. A long time ago a large part of Sweden – not including Abba, and Ingemar Stenmark, all Norway – not including Fleksnes, Greenland – with oil, and Iceland – with Björk, and Faroe Islands  were Danish territory, as well as some beautiful island in the Caribbean islands. Just before they all found oil in the sea, we politely gave it back.
We are ´very proud to have these persons living in Denmark at the moment:
“Aqua”- Lene is originally from Norway. We do think of her as being Danish, as well as both Connie Nielsen, Viggo Mortensen and Ole Henriksen. Mads Mikkelsen is definitely Danish, as well as Ulrich Thomsen (even though his name is spelled the German way) and Brigitte Nielsen. Asta Nielsen were also Danish, but moved to Germany because of lacking popularity. We are still proud of “The Raveonettes” being Danish. Sharins father (or was it grandfather?) was the first to open a Chinese restaurant in Copenhagen, being Chinese of course.   
Freedom is very popular word in Denmark.
Yesterday our prime minister; Helle Thorning-Schmidt (yes, it´s a she) held her anniversary speech. In that she reminded us all that Denmark is a part of Europe. Of cause we all are aware of that. Since the country is small and we all have tried both bacon, read the fairytales of H. C. Andersen and spend a summer’s day at both Tivoli, Copenhagen and Legoland, Jutland before we turn eighteen.
After those experiences we crossed the border. And we keep travelling. Most Danes that I know off want to go abroad on holidays. If you prefer sunshine, as much as I do, you are forced to leave the country once in a while. These days I am thinking about where to spend the summer. Here? It will possible be raining! Or sunny California, or in Oregons beautiful scenery? What a difficult choice!
However, Denmark is indeed a wonderful place. The most civilized country in the world, as a friend form N.Y. put it.
And we are part of Europe. And maybe even the World?
We try to be a part, anyway. We import royals from Europe and worldwide. The Crown princess of Denmark is from Tasmania (Australia); Prince Henrik of Denmark is from France, and so on. In the 60´ties we also invited foreigners to work here. A lot of people came from the former republic of Yugoslavia and Turkey. Still, a lot of people leave Denmark to live in other countries. Some want to come back with their loved ones, but they can´t, due to the rules of Danish government. A good friend’s younger brother is now living in Sweden with his American wife because of that rule.
But we are a part of Europe. Sure. And we love bacon, don´t we?
PS: “Foreigners, please don´t leave us alone with the Danes,” as a poster on a car said!

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