lørdag den 16. februar 2013

Cooking! - Hald Hovedgaard - Day 5

The last night I spend at Hald Hovedgaard was wonderful. We all met at 8 PM. Off course I forgot to bring my own book; “Noas Ark II” but instead I chose to read aloud some new material. It was great fun.
I  also had the chance to listen to a lot of fellow writers work in many different genres - including a few songs too. One of the translators made a wonderful cake to us. She found the recipe in the cook book called: FORFATTERNESKØKKEN.”
I will have to buy that one.
The next morning I drove home to Frederiksberg.
It´s a good idea to spend time away from home. Especially if your partner is being supportive about this. Luckily my husband is. Coming home to my sweet girls is always the best part.  
I will definitely come back to Hald Hovedgaard. How good to meet so many talented people. And funny ones too.
I will keep an eye on your work in future!

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