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Writer´s eggs! - Hald Hovedgaard - Day 2

Time flies when you´re having fun. That´s what they say. In my case that means being busy writing most of the day. Today one of my two computers broke down. Just as I expected. Now, luckily Ms. Compaq (my second computer) i doing fine. She will be doing the rest of the weeks work.

Today I finished what I actually came to do. Finishing a children´s book.
The next days will bring new stories.

I have been spending short breaks looking at the many very talented, and well known, Danish illustrators as well as reading a few short stories for tweens and teens that I brought with me. I also had a great time today reading next week´s assignment for Forfatterskolen for Børnelitteratur. Can’t wait to my fellow students again.

I really like this place. This room on the picture. The photo is not new. I can assure you. The desk is a mess by now.

Being in the countryside makes me eat old-fashioned concerning food. The food I´m eating these days brings you back to the Vikings, and the 8th century.

Eggs and herring! How reliable is that?

Just read this short thing from the web about the place.

The Hald manor is situated in its own French-style park, ten kilometres outside Viborg, one of the oldest towns in Denmark, founded by Vikings in the 8th century. The unusually beautiful surroundings include Hald Lake, the hills of Dollerup Bakker and the ancient Hald Oak Forest. The Danish Centre for Writers and Translators is a self-governing institution receiving economic support from the Danish state and the council of Viborg.”

I’ve heard about writer´s block, but I hadn’t heard about writer´s eggs. And writer´s herring!

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