onsdag den 13. februar 2013

Living in a box? - Hald Hovedgaard - Day 3

It almost feels like living inside this small house in a tree. Staying in my room most of the day. But there are actually a lot of other writers and translators here at Hald Hovedgaard this week.
Tomorrow we will gather and read aloud while having ´tea.´ It could be something that we are working on at the moment, or something that we have written in the past. Even something which hasn’t been published yet.
Some will bring guitars, others will read translated material. There will also be poems and children’s literature.
Hald Hovedgaard is a wonderful place.
If you haven’t been here yet, you should consider applying for a stay. The small house in the tree is not for rent. It’s not even a part of Hald Hovedgaard. I just passed it on the way to buy milk at the local supermarket and liked how it looked. I am living in a box. I even had a box dinner tonight. And my computer is a box too. If I turn out like Sponge Bob Square Pants tomorrow please tell me! After all it´s Valentines Day.



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