mandag den 11. februar 2013

Joy and gratefulness - Hald Hovedgaard - Day 1

Today I arrived at Hald Hovedgaard. A Center for writers and translators. A free working residencies at the old manor Hald Hovedgaard, situated 10 kilometres from the town of Viborg, in the middle of Denmark.
On one hand I had heard about other writers’ experiences. On the other hand I hadn’t really been listening at all. Do you know that feeling? You think you’re listening. But you’re not really.

I brought my two computers. I really have trouble with computers these days. Maybe I always did. Maybe everyone has computer problems. I am planning to have a new best friend this year. Mr. Dropbox!

So here I am. Working. Working.
Every now and then I take a walk to the kitchen. Making myself coffee, or tea. Cooking for myself and meeting others. After a while I return to my room.

It’s almost like being at AskovHøjskole again. The room where I am staying, at Hald Hovedgaard, and the room at Askov Højskole, when I first began to write in 1994´, is so alike.
I remember that day when I was writing a very short article about a fellow student’s life. Back then I was really enjoying myself. I feel the same today.
Joy and gratefulness.  



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