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Noah´s Ark II - The story NOT told in the Bible!

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Noah's Ark II - A children's book by Line Leonhardt, illustrated by Palle Schmidt

Most people know the biblical story of 
Noah and his ark, and how he saved a bunch of animals 
from a huge flood. However, not many people know the story of what happened to the other animals that were unexpectedly left behind in the stormy weather.
Among them were Mrs. Ozzy, an Ostrich of action! A well-meaning Elephant named, Elsie. A philosophizing Rat named Matt. An anxious Giraffe named, Gerald. Froggy, the hypochondriac Frog. Peggy the Parrot, and Bonzo the hungry Bear!
As the skies darkened this band of loners watched Noahs Ark sail away, 
realized their need to come together and build another Ark with room for 
everyone, big or small! Noah
s Ark II!
LINE LEONHARDT is a writer and teacher.Noahs Ark II is her debut childrens book.
Original text by Line Leonhardt
Illustrations by Palle Schmidt 
Translation by Palle Schmidt & 
Chris Miskiewicz

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