Brian Eno & Adam Buxton: "On children, play and art!"

Jeg følger Austin Kleon, og modtog i det seneste nyhedsbrev fra ham et link til denne podcast mellem Brian Eno & Adam Buxton i en samtale: "On children, play and art!"

Det er Austin Kleon der har doodlet, imens han har lyttet til podcasten.

Se Austin Kleons blog her.

Lyt med her!

"Podcast episodes 37 & 38 feature a couple of rambly convos with Brian Eno. Yes, I was excited. I had two relatively short sessions with Brian in his West London studio -- the first was in October 2016 (that’s Part One) and the second (that you can hear in Part Two) was recorded in February of this year (2017). The photo below shows Brian in his studio. I didn’t take it but it looks fairly recent. Below the photo are some links to bits and pieces we spoke about and other Eno related odd and ends you might like." (Fra Adam Buxtons blog)